Halloween in June, Christmas in July

2010-06-29 20:45:55 by Geoweasel

I'm well aware that Halloween is months away, but since I'm uploading all the old Geoweasel episodes in order, I have to go with what comes next, even if it's not exactly...seasonal. I'm an organization freak in that respect and I don't want to wait until October to upload an episode that would be older than the rest. In fact, this Friday's episode is a Christmas episode, for the same reason. It's next in line. There are other episodes coming later down the line that were social commentary on what were current events at the time, and in a way, I kind of regret doing them because they age immediately. But anyway, I hope that any poor scores don't come from the fact that these are out of season, but hey. It's the internet. I expect as much.


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