2010-07-09 19:03:42 by Geoweasel

Starting next week, I'll be adding these old Geoweasel episodes to the portal on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, just to speed things up a bit for when brand new episodes come along. And they are coming.
But meanwhile...some of these last few haven't done so hot, huh?


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2010-07-10 17:34:09


Been watching your series for only a week now, and the idiosyncratic characters have stolen my heart. I like your humour as well.

Geoweasel responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you're enjoying them!


2010-07-17 01:05:24

Eh people just aren't used to Geoweasel yet... The show gets blue then critics who haven't seen it before start clicking on it and voting it down cause of not getting all the jokes and style... it takes a couple episodes to really begin to see its genius. I myself have been watching it since you began uploading them on this account (I think I was the 3rd person to view episode one while it was under judgment) and I feel like the show becomes better with each new episode.

Its good to hear the new episodes are coming along! Its exciting even tho all the episodes you submit seem new to me.