Two more weeks

2010-07-18 18:32:25 by Geoweasel

Only two more weeks left of old episodes! This week we have Survival Of The Fattest, Gimbob The Jenius, and An Apple A Day. The following week includes episodes that were made just last year, Insecurity System, Overreaction and Mitri The Balloon Boy. I'm not looking forward to those last two as they have lost much of their relevance. Overreaction was created just a tad over a year ago when everybody was freaking out about the swine flu, and Mitri The Balloon Boy was released a mere five days after the actual balloon boy fiasco. Relevant and well-received then, yes. But now? Not so much. I'm sure they won't score well. But oh well; that's the problem with doing cartoons about current events. I don't really plan to do any of those again. I just happened to have good ideas for those events and jumped on them.
Anyway, hopefully after these two weeks are done and all the old episodes have been put up we'll see some brand new content! If one of these old episodes (or I guess any future ones too) ever got a Daily 1st Place or a front page feature, I would make a brand new cartoon from scratch right there in that week. That's not a call to action though or any kind of bribe. I'm just saying, that's how grateful I'd be.


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2010-07-19 12:22:53

After this will you start making new ones

Geoweasel responds:

Yes, I'm hoping to.


2010-07-20 01:01:17

I thought you were going to get daily 4th today. Soo close but somehow you dropped behind by .02 and ended up with 5th. So congrats on getting a trophy on a Monday which is statistically harder to get a medal on than Friday which your other two medals are from. (Friday is not the easiest day either)

Geoweasel responds:

Thank you! It was really close with the submission that got 4th. The two of our submissions kept going back and forth; I'd pass him, then I'd go down and he'd pass me, right up until midnight. But oh well.
I don't know what days are harder to earn trophies than others, but luck seems to play a big role in scoring and trophies. I mean, the average score still ends up reflecting how good or bad your submission is, but date, time of day, who's on at what time...that can all make a big difference. My old account has a couple of the same cartoons and the scores are really different. Some cartoons on there even earned trophies where the same ones submitted here didn't (
. I'm just hoping that some of the next few episodes can get noticed and get some higher scores. The better they do, the more incentive I have to make new ones.


2010-07-21 20:13:37

I really hope you just stop making these


2010-07-24 01:18:44

Articulate, well thought out response including the word gay.
Yeah I fuckin' said it.


2010-07-24 02:18:45

Congrats on daily first.After all the old episodes are done are you planning on making ne episodes


2010-07-24 12:07:50

I'm always amazed by the amount of people who comment "will you make new episodes after this?" on a post saying you will be adding new episodes after this..

Oh and your bet on daily first has been called so you better be making a new episode right now this week.