Well, I owe you guys a new cartoon!

2010-07-24 13:37:55 by Geoweasel

I realize that yesterday was a low-scoring day overall, but I'm still excited to have gotten a Daily 1st Place trophy! Thanks to everyone who watched and voted, particularly those who voted honestly, even if it wasn't in my favor. I don't know what all the bitching and moaning in the forum is about. All I did was make the cartoon; it's not my fault it got first place for the day, and if you don't like my stuff, hey, that's fine. I'm not going to call you out on anything because of that. Not everyone likes everything. But to keep badgering at something you don't even like is a waste of your own time, not mine. Just don't watch it. Don't follow me and my stuff. You'll have nothing to annoy you.
Anyway, regardless of all the hate, for those of you who do enjoy the show, I made a promise that I would make brand new episode within the week if I had ever gotten a daily 1st place or a front page feature. That obviously happened, and I'm a man of my word, so I'll get to work to have something new for this time next week. Thanks again, friends and fans!


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2010-07-24 15:49:48



2010-07-24 16:15:51

Yay ! A brand new(2010) geoweasel episode is coming :D

Congratz on the daily feature!



2010-07-28 13:02:51

congrats on front page


2010-07-28 20:03:16

Geoweasel EP.19 is on the front page


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