Wow! Thanks for the front page feature!

2010-07-28 23:37:46 by Geoweasel

A daily first and now a front page spot for Geoweasel #19?! This is awesome, thank you Newgrounds! I'm very excited, especially since after getting the daily feature the cartoon's score dropped quite a bit... I kind of beat myself up for a few days over that and some of the remarks made in the forum and in my news posts (strategically in places where I couldn't mark them as abuse, but I left them there). I'm normally thick-skinned especially after doing this since 2002, but sometimes stuff still gets to me. But whatever. I started working on new stuff, as promised. It's really hectic, but I'm trying to get it done and since it's the first new episode in a while, I hope you enjoy it. The better it's received, the more often there will be new cartoons, and I'm really excited to get back into a regular update schedule! And that will be soon because the last of the "old" episodes will be posted this Friday! So thanks again! Between the daily feature and now the front page, these are things I've been aiming at since I first posted on Newgrounds over five years ago, haha! You guys rock!
Oh, and here's a little teaser screenshot of an upcoming episode:

Wow! Thanks for the front page feature!


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2010-07-30 09:42:08

The front page feature was well deserved, you do seem to go unnoticed a lot of the time. Really looking forward to the new episodes!