Entry #12

The one-week cartoon I promised

2010-08-01 16:13:52 by Geoweasel

Well, I promised that if I had gotten a daily first or a front page feature, I would make a new cartoon within that week. And both of those things happened! Honestly, I thought I was in the clear and that neither would happen, but since they did, there is now a new Geoweasel short out called "Summer Safety." It's available on Geoweasel.com and on Youtube already but will be uploaded here to Newgrounds tomorrow. It actually wasn't made in a week. More like three days, because I spent the first half of the week working on something totally different and realized there was no way I'd finish it, so I had to do this one quick from scratch. I don't expect it to score spectacularly (not that I expect that from any of my cartoons) because it's short like the last few, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. If you want to take a look at it now, here you go:

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2010-08-02 22:06:28

very good