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Well, I promised that if I had gotten a daily first or a front page feature, I would make a new cartoon within that week. And both of those things happened! Honestly, I thought I was in the clear and that neither would happen, but since they did, there is now a new Geoweasel short out called "Summer Safety." It's available on and on Youtube already but will be uploaded here to Newgrounds tomorrow. It actually wasn't made in a week. More like three days, because I spent the first half of the week working on something totally different and realized there was no way I'd finish it, so I had to do this one quick from scratch. I don't expect it to score spectacularly (not that I expect that from any of my cartoons) because it's short like the last few, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. If you want to take a look at it now, here you go:

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A daily first and now a front page spot for Geoweasel #19?! This is awesome, thank you Newgrounds! I'm very excited, especially since after getting the daily feature the cartoon's score dropped quite a bit... I kind of beat myself up for a few days over that and some of the remarks made in the forum and in my news posts (strategically in places where I couldn't mark them as abuse, but I left them there). I'm normally thick-skinned especially after doing this since 2002, but sometimes stuff still gets to me. But whatever. I started working on new stuff, as promised. It's really hectic, but I'm trying to get it done and since it's the first new episode in a while, I hope you enjoy it. The better it's received, the more often there will be new cartoons, and I'm really excited to get back into a regular update schedule! And that will be soon because the last of the "old" episodes will be posted this Friday! So thanks again! Between the daily feature and now the front page, these are things I've been aiming at since I first posted on Newgrounds over five years ago, haha! You guys rock!
Oh, and here's a little teaser screenshot of an upcoming episode:

Wow! Thanks for the front page feature!

I realize that yesterday was a low-scoring day overall, but I'm still excited to have gotten a Daily 1st Place trophy! Thanks to everyone who watched and voted, particularly those who voted honestly, even if it wasn't in my favor. I don't know what all the bitching and moaning in the forum is about. All I did was make the cartoon; it's not my fault it got first place for the day, and if you don't like my stuff, hey, that's fine. I'm not going to call you out on anything because of that. Not everyone likes everything. But to keep badgering at something you don't even like is a waste of your own time, not mine. Just don't watch it. Don't follow me and my stuff. You'll have nothing to annoy you.
Anyway, regardless of all the hate, for those of you who do enjoy the show, I made a promise that I would make brand new episode within the week if I had ever gotten a daily 1st place or a front page feature. That obviously happened, and I'm a man of my word, so I'll get to work to have something new for this time next week. Thanks again, friends and fans!

Two more weeks

2010-07-18 18:32:25 by Geoweasel

Only two more weeks left of old episodes! This week we have Survival Of The Fattest, Gimbob The Jenius, and An Apple A Day. The following week includes episodes that were made just last year, Insecurity System, Overreaction and Mitri The Balloon Boy. I'm not looking forward to those last two as they have lost much of their relevance. Overreaction was created just a tad over a year ago when everybody was freaking out about the swine flu, and Mitri The Balloon Boy was released a mere five days after the actual balloon boy fiasco. Relevant and well-received then, yes. But now? Not so much. I'm sure they won't score well. But oh well; that's the problem with doing cartoons about current events. I don't really plan to do any of those again. I just happened to have good ideas for those events and jumped on them.
Anyway, hopefully after these two weeks are done and all the old episodes have been put up we'll see some brand new content! If one of these old episodes (or I guess any future ones too) ever got a Daily 1st Place or a front page feature, I would make a brand new cartoon from scratch right there in that week. That's not a call to action though or any kind of bribe. I'm just saying, that's how grateful I'd be.


2010-07-09 19:03:42 by Geoweasel

Starting next week, I'll be adding these old Geoweasel episodes to the portal on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, just to speed things up a bit for when brand new episodes come along. And they are coming.
But meanwhile...some of these last few haven't done so hot, huh?

The holidays are (almost) over

2010-07-03 18:53:01 by Geoweasel

Okay, so uploading the Halloween and Christmas episodes in the middle of summer didn't exactly do wonders for their scores. Like I said before, I uploaded them for organization purposes (they were made between episodes 12 and 13), but I probably should've thought it over and just let them be until they season, so to speak. Lesson learned. I'm tempted to remove them, but I'm not sure; it doesn't seem...right to do that.
Anyway, tomorrow will be one more holiday cartoon, but don't worry. It's a 4th of July mini episode. This time it's relevant, but not very long. Sorry.

I'm well aware that Halloween is months away, but since I'm uploading all the old Geoweasel episodes in order, I have to go with what comes next, even if it's not exactly...seasonal. I'm an organization freak in that respect and I don't want to wait until October to upload an episode that would be older than the rest. In fact, this Friday's episode is a Christmas episode, for the same reason. It's next in line. There are other episodes coming later down the line that were social commentary on what were current events at the time, and in a way, I kind of regret doing them because they age immediately. But anyway, I hope that any poor scores don't come from the fact that these are out of season, but hey. It's the internet. I expect as much.

Dare to compare

2010-06-24 14:58:54 by Geoweasel

So check this out. In 2005 and 2006, I submitted a few Geoweasel episodes here and there to Newgrounds on my old account. Now that I'm submitting every episode in the series, there are obviously going to be a few doubles. Interestingly, the way the episodes were received back then is much different than how they are today. Episode 4 has a much higher rating on this account than on the old one (and I'm pretty sure that on the day of submission, the score didn't even break 3.50). On the flip side, episode 9 was received a lot better in 2005 and even managed to win the Daily 2nd Place somehow. The only one that's not too drastically different is episode 11. There are still a couple more episodes from the old account that will pop up again here. It'll be interesting to see if they do better or worse than they did when they were first released.

Dare to compare

Thanks for the Daily 5th!

2010-06-05 16:52:23 by Geoweasel

Thanks to everyone who's been voting, reviewing and sharing these classic episodes as we add them to Newgrounds! Here's hoping for many more trophies in the future!

Thanks for the Daily 5th!


2010-06-04 17:25:11 by Geoweasel

I feel bad that I should even have to say this, but to anyone who has reviewed one of my cartoons and found it to be marked as "useless," especially if it wasn't a positive review, I just want to put it out there that I'm not the one doing it. Maybe no one even notices, but I don't want anyone to think I'm being bitter and marking negative reviews as useless and positive ones as helpful. I haven't marked anything. Not that there are many reviews anyway. Just thought I should put that out there, just in case.